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Alright, lately people have gone with the name, and just added onto the creature. It's pissing me off, and it's bad for my blood pressure. (Though it's not their fault, it's not like I give them much more to go on -- though I do set my posts and RPing up so they have chances to ask about it -.- )

Name: Vovin (pronounced Voh-een - the Enochian word for 'dragon' )

The Vovin's appearance consists of the following:
                     - four feathered, angel-like wings
                     - long, usually silver, hair
                     - long nails, deemed claws by most other species
                     - always pale skin
                     - vibrant coloured eyes
                     - and fangs
                     - normally taller than most other species, but no taller than 8 feet at the most, and those are only in rare occurances. Most will be from 5'7" - 7'

The Vovin's diet consists of:
                     - Vovin can eat anything, but to survive they must have angel's blood (more in 'History of the Vovin)

The Vovin's habitat:
                     - Vovin do not have a set habitat like most creatures, though they do have one floating, citadel city hidden from most other races, and no races of today would know anything about it, save for those involved in the long lasting feud.

The Vovin's traits and qualities:
                     - heightened sense of smell, hearing, sight and sixth sense
                     - can see in the dark  
                     - prefer night to day, as their wings shimmer with the sunlight and makes them an easy target
                     - heightened strength
                     - excellent fliers
                     - the four wings giving them an aerial edge on two-winged angels
                     - due to their history, they have become testy and distrustful of all species except dragons (see 'History of the Vovin') and even can't stand to be around one another as it becomes a test of strength and skill in everything   
                     - also due to their history, they've become heavilly dependant on angel's blood (see 'History of the Vovin)
                     - they do not require words to use bits of magic. Usually dealing with sound, wind, water and ice and lightning, they need only concentrate.
                     - highly intune with their environments which, if not in their citadel, can range from mountains to forests to sea cliffs.
                     - despite having rather light bones, vovin can survive prodigious damage for centuries if they must
                     - also, despite their bones, they have an incredible strength that defies all physics, and is said to come purely from their will.

History of The Vovin:

   The Vovin are not from Heaven or Hell. They are a sentient creature created by nature, like all others. It is because of their constant (soft) war with nearly every other race that has made it necessary for them to evolve much faster (they have a very high priority in surviving, and that's based in their chemical makeup, not their nature). Far back in the world's history, they came to existance, and lived as most other races; eating, drinking and only interacting with other races when necessary - which, for the Vovin, was very little.
   There was a single incident when a Vovin was severely wounded, and it became known to that Vovin of a new lust for blood - evidentally, the Vovin can live fine without it, until they are wounded, then they must drink it, as it is the only substance that will regenerate their wounds. The reason for this weakness is unknown, but has cost the Vovin dearly over the millenia. The wounded Vovin attacked an angel, following it's instincts, and when it went to drink the angel's blood, it was lost in the lust and ended up drinking the angel dry. Horrified with what it had done, the Vovin became highly paranoid and returned to it's brethren, the angel's blood covering it head to toe.
  Another angel saw the attack, and flew back to it's brethren, and told them of the atrocity, of a race of angel-look-alikes that drank the golden blood of angels. Of course, the angels were up in arms about it, and word was spread all over the world of this 'fiendish race from Hell'. Seige after seige was laid upon the Vovin, and more of their number were destroyed. Though as the seige continued, the Vovin became smarter, faster, stronger, and eventually, they were winning over the angels and the other races. Soon, only the angels were left to fight the Vovin, the other races had suffered enough and wanted no more part in it.
   And so the angels have continued this ancient war, slaying a Vovin when and where they could, and always searching out the Vovin city that flew through the skies, it's tall, citadel spires scraping the highest clouds. Then soon after the angels began to suffer heavier casualties, the seige was left to a smaller group of angels to handle. The other angels moved on with life and the world, forgetting about the war, and only reminded of it briefly when a Vovin attacked one of them on occassion. As you can see, the Vovin never forgot any of the war, and loathed the angels and the world for their closed-minds.
   Now, the older Vovin are dying out in their city, and the young are coming to rule. And the young have no love for anything, save for maybe another Vovin. The young will slaughter anything that irritates them, and wage war on the angels without mercy. They drink only angel's blood, forgetting the teachings of their history, and that they were once, a peaceful race.

        Note: The only race not wage war on the Vovin were the dragons, and they knew the sad story of the Vovin from the beginning. They even subtley aided the Vovin in delaying attacks and sending them news of the new armies to come, though they could not aid in a more public way, due to loving all species in one way or another.

Seryss' Story:

Seryss Eiffensul was the daughter of a Vovin father and a Elven Seraph mother. Her parents had hoped that in having a child, the endless war would come to a stop, and the angels and Vovin could come to terms with eachother if their was a flesh and blood bond between them. Neither side would hear of it. The angels abandoned her mother, Selenia, and the Vovin slay her before Seryss and her father's eyes. Seryss' father, Azuriel Eiffensul, took Seryss back to the city of Vovin, and raised her with all the morals of himself and her mother. The Vovin accepted her, despite her seraph qualities.

Seryss possessed the six wings of a seraph, and the longer, pointed ears of a high elf. She inheritted her father's peculiar sapphire hair, and her mother's glimmering emerald eyes. She was possibly one fo the strongest Vovin, but took her leave of the city after laying waist to the Vovin Mother (their ruler) and most of her Elite Guard within her chamber (she did this because she finally found out what had happened to her mother - she was only a baby when she saw the Vovin slay Selenia).

Seryss wandered the world far and wide, and hid her Vovin self frequently from those who might recognize her. She fell in love once, with a Seraph, but her heart was broken, and she died of grief soon after. Due to some magic unknown, but linked to the great Divine Empress Syrazel, she was brought back to life and she fell in love yet again soon after she saved an elven city from an orc seige. The elves recognized her elven qualities, and accepted her as a priestess and protector of their people. Yet, Seryss was always doing things her way, and she fell in love with a drow by the name of O'dinlae. She gave birth to Starylasa Eiffensul, who inherited the traits of all of her forefathers and mothers; she was high-elf, she was a vovin, she was a drow, and she was seraph as well. She was a child of conflict, and the elves waited until Seryss died, before they cast Starris away from their city.

Starris' Story:

Starris (Starylasa Eiffensul) was cast from the elves, despite how they cherished her mother's memory, and she fell broken and unloved. She wandered the world alone and hated by most, and she soon became cruel and spiteful herself. A man who dreamed of ruling the world and thus cleansing it of hate and coldness found her and saved her wasting form. He cared for her as no one but her mother had, and he shared with her his dream, to unite all peoples under his rule. Starris fell in love with her Master, and served him well. It was decades later that her Master was thwarted by a 'band of do-gooders', and she saw him fall away from her into the pools of lava in the volcano in which the enemies had battled.

Starris would have dove in after her Master, her devotion was so strong, but her drow half-brother, Destlani O'dinale, who had been travelling with the party of those who killed her Master. She did not believe Destlan had done her a favour for a very long time, nor did she speak to him for an even longer expanse of time. But when she did, the two discovered what Destlan had suspected - that they were indeed siblings. Having found real family, Starris began to open up to Destlan more, and the two became mostly unseparable. They found themselves a third travelling companion, a golym by the name of Whysperling, and the three adventured together for twenty long years before they decided to go their separate ways.

Starris started an inn in the mountains, and Destlani, after years of drunken depression, eventually wounded up in ehr employ - where she could keep an eye on him, she insisted. Whysperling eventually made her way there as well. It was on Starris four hundredth birthday (the entire reason why Whysperling was ther eanyway) that Starris second love, Isiliador took her away, and brought out her Vovin form. He also gave her a pendant that would hlp her control the Vovin form, so she could hide her trueself from those who would have her 'beaten, tortured, imprisoned and left to die in a hole in the ground', as she would say.

Unfortunately, when later on when Isiliador died, Starris followed short after, unable to bear the pain of being separated from him.

Kilyra's Story:

Not related to Seryss in any form, Kilyra possesses the same sapphire hair and emerald eyes. She is, in fact, a normal vovin, with only two sets of wings (so only four wings) instead of the six given Seryss and Starris by their seraph blood.

Kilyra was a typical case of vovin, lost at a very young age. She washed up on the shore of a mythical isle, a very rare marking on her forehead, that of a crescent moon with a star in the middle and small, white wings spreading from the star on her forehead. She was taken in by the owner of the inn of the isle, and raised much like a much as a vovin could be a princess, at any rate.

When she became old enough to wonder about her origins, remembering the mark on her forehead that mntached a door in the inn, she questioned the innkeeper. He remained steadfast in not revealing it to her, and she came to despise him. Then he died and she inherited the inn.

Now she maintains the inn and safeguards it as best she can every 13 years when the veil around the isle opens.

    Note: **Kilyra's story is still ongoing.**
This is a fantasy biography based on the Vovin, a race that I created for my RP characters as well as a story I've been working on for some time. Please do not use vovin as your own, and please tell me when where and how you intend to use them, if that is your intention. If you are in a RP with me and I'm using the vovin character, please, please, please refer to this biography before you post, alright?
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